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Designed for 4 & 5 year olds.

Help your child start to develop skills that will help them in their everyday life.

This program helps them with developing skills such as: coordination & concentration, self-confidence, flexibility and overall body strength, discipline, dedication, memory and social skills, that are key to helping your child throughout their life and will last with them forever. It’s fun and safe.


Classes are held Wednesday's at 4:15pm. The class runs for 30 minutes and are on a matted surface.  

(Little Karateka’s are currently only available at our Glen Iris Dojo).

Little Katateka's

6 to 12 years old.

Karate is a fun and safe way to get fit, meet new people and develop skills such as: confidence, flexibility & overall body strength, dedication, discipline, respect, improve your memory and most importantly, learn self defense. Anyone can do it and it's fun. And it all starts with working on building the strongest muscle in your entire body, your MIND.

Based on both the Traditional Okinawan Karate, along with Japanese Karate traditions and virtues, combined with the latest and most effective training methods, learning both “the Why and the How” for both practical and sport Karate. This program will help kids learn how to engage and to work with others, learn how to deal with bullying, giving them mental toughness and overall well-being.

Kids Karate

13 years old +. 

Our Teens & Adults Karate classes are designed to develop both physical and mental skills that can be used not only in karate, but in all areas in your life.  

Based on both the Traditional Okinawan Karate fighting style along with the modern Japanese Karate traditions and virtues, combined with the latest and most effective training methods, learning both “the Why and the How” (for practical self defense and sport Karate).

We have developed a culture with positive attitude, determination and overall well-being. Students will gain physical fitness (appropriate for all body types) along with self-confidence, flexibility, overall body strength, improving memory, mental toughness and most importantly, learning self-defense techniques. Anyone can do it, it's fun for all, no matter what your age.

Teens and Adults Karate.jpg
Teens & Adults Karate
Women's Self Defense

Here at FSGK we offer an effective Women's Self Defence system, using some of the latest methods and our unique approach to personal protection that allows our students to build confidence, mental and physical conditioning and develop the appropriate levels of response to deal with a wide range of areas including: common scenarios in public areas, locks, holds and pins, weapon attacks, awareness of your surroundings, plus lots more…  

FSGK’s Women’s Self Defence program has been proven effective and is also taught in schools and workplaces across Victoria. You will learn to deal with a number of different areas (including: bullying, harassment, mental well-being and street encounters. We focus on technique, mind set, and strategy, rather than just brute strength. This makes it useful not just in self defence, but in all areas of life - for everyone.

This program is something every female of all ages should have knowledge and training in and is ideal for teens and adults (13 years+).    

Session Includes:
Each class begins with a warmup and stretching. We will then focus on a number of the following areas:
1.Heightened sense of awareness, Observation and Knowing your surroundings,
(what too lookout for along with (what to do in certain hostile / aggressive situations).
2. Social / Public Situations (Common scenarios in public areas; beaches, pubs/bars and transport).
3. Blocking, Striking and Kicking techniques,.
4. Control (What is “Excessive Force” and when to use it).
5. Bullying (this includes social environments, workplaces and social media).
6. Common locks, holds and pins, including ground work (Females specific).
7. Understanding, common weapon attacks and controlling / countering techniques.
8. Responsibility and consequence of actions taken. 

We offer private group sessions; train with your friends, family, and /or co-workers. Private group sessions are available for bookings on weekdays; from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday's 2 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. And Sunday's between 12:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at our Glen Iris Dojo location. Contact us for more information.


We are happy to announce our all new Seniors Class.

This class is designed for those 55 years plus.

This is the perfect class for anyone that would like to learn Karate and Self Defense techniques with a low level intensity. This class is designed for those who may not be able to take part in normal classes (due to physical capabilities or injuries), but is still a great way to get fit and stay mobile.

Introduction Program:
$39.95 for 3 Lessons. Includes a free adidas uniform.  

After introduction, lesson packs are available. For more information, please contact us.


Classes run Friday evenings 6:30pm to 7:25pm at our Glen Iris Dojo.


Seniors Karate
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