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Kallista - Senpai

Kallista has been training in Goju Ryu Karate under Sensei Nik & Sensei Joe for over five years, and continues to work towards the goal of achieving her Sho-Dan (Black Belt). 


Kallista began assisting Nik with teaching during Karate Summer School Programs and now teaches kids regular weekly classes. 


Kallista’s understanding, dedication, attention to detail in technique and in her training, along with her love of learning and knowledge in Goju & Martial Arts, has made Kallista (Senpai) one of the best students that has ever come up through our Dojo. This with her creative, fun and great personalty, is why Kallista makes a great instructor and future Sensei, not to mention a great role model for young girls and boys a like. 


Kallista currently holds the following:

- Current Working With Children Check.

- Completed Level 2 first aid with St John Ambulance Australia.


Kallista is also a full time student at the University of Melbourne, studying Media Communications and Japanese as part of a Bachelor of Arts.


Nikolaos - Sensei


Joseph - Sensei


Patrick - Kyoshi Sensei

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